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NAN Brain Research Instruments

NAN Microdrives

Key features: 

External control

  • limit Input  =>  stop motion.

  • Input signal => move/stop motor

  • output signal => low while the motor is active.


The NAN drive system is a patented  Electrode Positioning Systems for recording electrical activity from the brain. The unique design of the Electrode Positioning Systems that NAN instruments offers, gives the users powerful tools to manipulate each electrode individually in the XYZ planes. In addition to this noncompetitive feature, it is a modular system up to 16 channels.

  • Axial resolution about 1μm.

  • x-y-Positioning for each electrode individually with and without grid.

  • Electrode travel range in fine mode up to 60 mm, in addition a course movement is available up to 80 mm. Higher range could be customized.

  • Variable speed range from 0...200μm/s, higher velocity on request.

  • Suitable for cortical and deep brain recordings.

  • User friendly computer controlled system with the possibility of remote control.

Technical Data:

  • Modular system, from one to 16 channels.

  • Stable recording site for hours.

  • No noise during electrode movement - allows recording during advancement.

  • Flexible positioning - Each electrode/tetrode can be independently positioned in the XY plane within a user-defined working range.

  • Resolution of one micron.

  • Accurate placement due to direct coupling between the motor and electrode.

  • Flexible range - each Electrode is indendently manipulated in the Z directon within a user defined working range up to 150 mm. Standard range of 55mm.

  • Variable speed range: from one to 200 microns per second - higher velocity per request.

  • Easy replacement of electrodes, less than one minute per tower.

  • Coarse movement system, XY and Sphere axes.

  • Sophisticated controller - A user friendly GUI that allows users to communicates with a 19 rack-mount control box via a standard interface. No need to install a card into the computer.

  • Light weight: 25g per tower, 35g for a 4 channels base.

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